Movable interlinked parts - is it possible in Sketchup



I’ve just started learning Sketchup, my first project I want to use it for is to design a Soap Box Derby kart.

I’m confident that I could get to the point of doing a static design but would like to be able to animate parts and see if things work. Mainly I’m thinking of the steering, where I would like to be able to ‘turn’ the steering wheel and see all the cogs, linkages and parts move each other so that I could see problems in the design before I commit to building (i.e. the steering arm snags on another part as the steering is moved).

Is this type of thing possible in Sketchup? I’m happy to learn how to do it, just a nod in the right direction would help :0)

If it isn’t possible in Sketchup, is there another tool/product that has this functionality?

Any other advice will be warmly welcomed :0)



You can do it with SketchyPhysics, which is a plugin for SketchUp.

One example:


Wow, that is exactly what I need!!


Wish they would come up with a 64bit version. :grin:


I think Anton is on the way…


Thanks for the reply, I did go look at the thread :grinning: