Workflow for changing all textures to new color?

I want to change everything from Maple color to the black color…
I know I can edit maple color with the slider, but is there way to do this less destructively/ permanently?

I really like Material Replacer plugin. However when you say less destructively / permanently… Material Replacer will remove the original material from your model and uses another material that you must place in the model to sample from. You need to save the original material in another model if you want to get it back easily (unless it’s in one of your collections or native SketchUp collection).

One can also import a new texture for the original material. Again that will mean the original is no longer available unless you duplicate it.

The color slider is actually non-destructive, if you recall the original settings. It’s just not a way I would use normally for working on materials for renderings.


Just incase this part was not completely clear: in the in model material list (house icon) right click on a material and choose duplicate to “save as” a copy before replacing. So a copy of original will remain available for future use.


Yeah duplicate is the simplest way to keep a copy. I somehow didn’t think about that until the second paragraph! Just don’t lose it later in a purge if it’s that important.