Workflow and tools for energy retrofitting

I’m searching for a good workflow to analyse existing buildings and use software tools to model retrofitting solutions for reduced energy consumption. Mostly improvement of the building envelope.

For instance, start the process with magicplan to initially collect all the necessary information about the building on-site (like shown in this video: magicplan LiDAR scanning).
Then transfer the collected data to another tool on a computer to detail the information about all walls, windows, doors, floors, and roof. Would that already be SketchUp or some other software for architects? SketchUp with an existing plug-in? And then import the final 3D information into a BEM tool.
It would be nice to have a subgroup for energy consultants in this SketchUp community :slightly_smiling_face: Worldwide we have a gigantic task to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions from existing buildings. It would be good to have less time-consuming ways to do the planning for it.

You can use Sefaira. Use your ipad to scan the building, import it in .dae format or point cloud with Scan Essentials and model the envelope.
Sefaira will do the rest…

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Hello @corney, I just saw your answers to the question "Sefaira - Dutch system " . Do you have any suggestions on what workflow and tools to use to get all the necessary information most efficiently before using Sefaira?

Hello @sander_hoogland , can you share information on how you collect the information about existing buildings and get them into SketchUp? What workflow and tools do you use?

Besides magicplan, RoomScan Pro LiDAR also looks very promising for the first step of collecting the as-built information. It can export in many formats: export formats.

Sefaira wants as few faces as possible - if you are to do a LiDAR scan you want one that creates simplified walls and planes - I support using a DAE of the mesh would take a huge amount of time/not work.