Work in a cloud

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I need some how-to advice
when working with a project on the ipad, the project file is stored on the ipad?
Is it possible to work with a file directly from any cloud?

You can download from or upload to any of the clouds, but the easiest would probably be Trimble connect, right from the home page in the app.

The three dots menu has “publish to Trimble” and then “share” which is everything else

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I haven’t seen any reports of this related to SketchUp for iPad but plenty of other Sketchup users have wound up with corrupted SketchUp files due to working on files directly saved to the cloud. Even a very brief interuption in the connection during a save or auto save can cause problems. A quick search of the forum will turn up loads of examples of this. Colin has some magic tools that he can attempt to recover these files with but most often all he is able to recove is components and the materials they use. The loose geometry and groups are gone and the model space is empty.

My suggestion if you want to do this is make sure you keep a backup copy somewhere just in case and keep your fingers crossed that you don’t lose any important work. And consider it an at-your-own-risk sort of thing. I prefer to use the cloud as a backup but work on locally saved files.


It should also be noted that files linked directly to the cloud need an Internet connection to function. On iPad this kind of defeats the purpose of being completely mobile (not to mention making the file useless in areas like mine where reliable Internet is a rare beast)

My work flow has been to save locally so that it’s available and then upload a copy as I move into a new reiteration/ updated version. More for backup and getting the files to LayOut than using them on multiple SketchUp versions.


I haven’t got an iPad so I might be getting this wrong but isn’t the Pad version of SketchUp similarly Web-based as the Free and Go/Shop versions? With the Web-based apps I wouldn’t worry too much about saving to the cloud, as the files are going to be shuffled round the Internet anyway when you use the app.

Actually, even though the interface formats and capabilities are the similar, the models I create in Go all save directly to a folder in my iPad dedicated to SketchUp. They don’t go anywhere near a cloud until I demand that they do and then they take their sweet time about it.

At that point I can work on them while cloud based, but they take longer to save and certainly have a few more ‘we rescued this file you forget to save’ issues than the ones on the device.

The ones I download from trimble remain cloud-based until I make them ‘available offline’ or outright download a copy.

The difference between Go and Shop/web/free I think would be that the program has a legit home base where it will always start from.

@Struller to add to what @Danimaupin has adeptly offered here, I’ll add that there are also a number of controls under the Trimble Connect tab on iPad.

From the Connect tab, you have the option to create new projects (in addition to the starter project that is created for you). Within a project you have the option to create folders and/or the option to create a new SketchUp model that when saved, will automatically be stored in Connect within the Project/Folder that you were in when you tapped the Create button.

Granted, this option requires a bit of foresight as we don’t yet offer the option to move files from one folder/project to another (although you can use the Trimble Connect web app to do all that).