Wood turning drawing

ornamemnt.skp (265.9 KB)
My first problem. Turned the 4 blanks in the midle, with follow me, than rotate the pieces and create inner hole. To dril a hole I need to explode the blanks whith give a glued blok of 4. Now I want a outside shape according the the line or an other one. Pls. help

Is this what you’re trying to achieve on the right?

There was no need to explode the sections of the turning to modify them. You could create the torpedo shape outside the group, cut it to the clipboard, open the group for editing and paste the shape in place. Use Intersect Faces and erase what you don’t need. Then repeat for the next group.

You could save yourself a bunch of work if you had made the section a component instead of a group.

If you would complete your profile (like I’ve asked you many times to do) so we knew which version of SketchUp you are using and what operating system, I could give you more specifics about the steps.


I agree with Dave on the profile comment, I couldn’t choose what to show you without knowing what version you are using.

Funny isn’t it how we all see things differently, I read that as wanting something like this.

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I was going to do something to the outside like you did but the shape wasn’t provided so I didn’t bother.

This kind of turning is what I want with SU.
Pinterest, open ornaments inside out, gives a lot ideas.
Making seems a lot easier than drawing it.
It’s still not clear how to do the outside shapes.
Regards ab

In my opinion, an inside-out turning like abniezenster wants to do is too much bother to plan in SketchUp. It entails creating the negative shape for the outside, intersecting that with the 4 turning pieces, and lots of cleanup in the end. I’ve made several inside-out turnings, and I find that it’s best to let the shape evolve as you work at the lathe.Here’s a link to a video that shows what to do. Hope it helps.

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Thanks Dave
I have seen a lot of those and I like them. I thought it was a good training for SU but agree it’s a bit difficult.
Profile change grafic card was not possible.
It’s intel hd grafic 4000

Now that your profile tells us you are using Make we can show how to do it specifically for Make. If you had Pro I would have shown this using Solid Tools.

Simply make the shape you want the outside to be and intersect it with your shape then remove the bits the lathe would cut off. No need to explode anything, just work within the editing context. If the final pieces are not symmetric you can use flip along to orientate them correctly. By using components editing one will edit the others.
Outer turning


Box thanks for your explanation. It gives the possibility to change the lines (see photo lathe object) and to make all kinds of designs for wood turning. Thanks to all for the answers.

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