Wonky Model View

Hi there. Cant anyone tell my why my model is going all wonky (screen shot below) when I orbit? Did I accidentally select something I shouldn’t have in the View menu? Thank you.

That is called “clipping”. Search this forum and/or look it up in the SketchUp help knowledge base for info on how to deal with it.

I think I figured it out. I THINK somehow when I was trying to assign a shortcut key (that didn’t work) I reset it to the default and I think it changed my camera a setting from Perspective to one of the other settings. I reselected Perspective and it seems to be okay now.

Thank you!

@slbaumgartner I suffer from this “pretty” often,
I’ve read about this and I know the common steps to fix it.
Just to make sure, the clipping or camera clipping doesn’t have to do with graphic card or drivers, right?

It’s a pretty new iMac, so I HOPE NOT!!!

No. It is a consequence of how SketchUp and OpenGL manage the "view frustum " and can happen with any graphics adapter or driver’s.

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May I ask what the “common steps” are to fix this problem spawn2k99?

I will NEVER be Geek enough to know what this means. LOL. *But WISH I was. :wink:

It’s about your view, you have to select camera -> perspective , so after it’s OK

Thank you, I figured it out luckily!

When clipping occurs, and it occurs on many different workstations, including my 2009 8-Core 2.93 Ghz Mac Pro with 32 GB RAM, I merely invoke Camera menu> Zoom Extents to reset the view.

I usually find this zooms out the model a bit, but zooming in again should present a fully rendered model.

Hi Loren,

What is Zoom Extents normally used for? I’ve got a lot to learn yet. But getting there. :wink:

To bring into view the full extent of your model.

It can cause problems if you have any text that has got detached from the object it is supposed to be attached to (the model may zoom out to being just a dot in the far distance), but otherwise will show you everything.

Often, it’s a way of finding out if you have any left-over geometry where you don’t expect it - especially with imported components, which may not have been cleanly drawn.

Is this different than the icons I use on the tool bar (Top view, right, left full, etc.) or is it the same just also located in the drop down menu?

Yes, it’s different.

Zoom Extents is in the Large Tool Set and looks like thisL image

or on the menu Camera/Zoom Extents.

Thanks for the clarification. Its good to ask questions. LOL

Okay… Please understand, I am NOT an expert in Sketchup, Butt… It looks to me like you somehow started your design with your axis’ twisted. Your Blue axis would NORMALLY be your vertical, Not horizontally moving to your vanishing point, your green should be oriented like that, with your red axis horizontally moving left to right such as in your width. I do realize you can set it up to do that, but if that was not intentional, perhaps you started with a Template that is not compatible with your intentions. Again… I am not an expert… I just thought I would mention it… just in case. Regardless… Good Luck.


Thanks for replying @Goulash, I figured out that somehow the view got switched from Perspective View to something else when I reset my shortcut keys. I just put it back to Camera>Perspective View and that fixed the problem.

Wow… I actually helped? I’m so happy… thanks for letting me know… that was considerate of you.


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