Wishlist for license editions of SketchUp products

It would so nice if customers could buy only what they need and not more.

NOTE: These are example editions with example prices. Most do not exist as product offerings.

### Proposed Desktop editions

  STUDIO: SketchUp Pro + Sefaria + LayOut + StyleBuilder + Shop4Web
  + VR + LargeTerrain
  subscrip 1199/yr sub

  PROFESSIONAL: SketchUp Pro + LayOut + StyleBuilder + Shop4Web + VR
  subscrip 299/yr w/ LargeTerrain
  subscrip 249/yr

  PREMIUM: SketchUp Pro + LayOut + StyleBuilder
  (no SU4Web, no VR)
  COMMERICAL license.
  classic  575 + 120/yr M&S (695 buy in)
  subscrip 249/yr w/ LargeTerrain
  subscrip 199/yr

  STANDARD: SketchUp w/Pro features + extensions 
  (no LayOut, no StyleBuilder, no SU4Web, no VR)
  COMMERICAL license.
  classic  250 + 100 yr M&S (350 buy in)
  subscrip 199/yr w/ LargeTerrain
  subscrip 149/yr

  SHOP: SU4Web w/Pro features
  (no extensions)
  COMMERICAL license.
  subscrip 120/yr

  CRAFTER: SketchUp Hobby w/ animation, scene export, shadows
  (no extensions)
  No hobby limits on model & texture sizes, import and export file sizes,
   or number of styles, layers, scenes and materials.
  classic  150 + 50 yr M&S (200 buy in)
  subscrip 100 yr

  HOBBY: SketchUp Basic w/dimensions, w/material & style editing
  (no extensions, no animation, no scene export, no shadows)
  classic 100 + 25 yr M&S (125 buy in)
  subscrip 49 yr

  BASIC: SketchUp Basic - w/most features of SU4Web Free
  (native SKP & STL in/out, images in, no extensions, no dimensioning,
  no shadows, no material editing, no style editing, no terrain/geolocation,
  no 3D warehouse.)
  [Features commercially abused in the past removed!]
  Limits on model & texture sizes, import and export file sizes.
  Limited number of styles, layers, scenes and materials.

What do other think ?


Stylebuilder, I’d like to know how many people actually use that. Useful yes, but needs features and doesn’t seem to have received much love since its release.

To be honest, I have looked at it once since 2017.

I use Style Builder. I’d appreciate it if I could modify the front and back face colors with it but that’s easy enough to do in SU. I would like the option to add a few more stroke lengths, too, although with Eneroth Auto Weld, that’s not as much of a need as it used to be.

I think there are already too many products and I can imagine it is very hard to know where to even start if you are not an existing user. People on the forum mixes up versions and licenses all the time (“2018 Make” etc).

One argument that is often brought up for splitting the products is that you don’t want to pay for what you don’t use, but if split up to more products the end user would ultimately pay for the extra cost of just managing all these products.

Then there are all the problems you can currently work around quite easily, like using LO because SketchUp’s own print dialog hasn’t gotten enough love, or using extensions and snippets to fill in gaps in SketchUp. With either LO or extensions removed Trimble would need to spend resources on improving these things.

Lastly, I don’t think many people would be willing to pay for a product you are banned from making money from. I think a lot of people that only need the features in the Basic and Hobby version would happily use them commercially, justifying their action by the fact that they did actually pay something. I think there is a quite big psychological gap between e.g. SketchUp Make which you know is subsidized and very generous, and a cheap yet payed version.


Has anyone here ever shopped at the Dell site for a computer ?
The product pages have the standard options at the top, and a list (or table) with checkboxes or radio buttons for options below. The user simply checks the extras they want, or chooses between say hard drive / SSD sizes, RAM upgrades, etc.

I do not believe that consumers should be treated as if they are dumb and do not know what they want or need.

So, imagine if the SketchUp product page(s) were similar to how Dell’s product pages are. A list of features (with mouse hover informational popups) that the user chooses and they see the upcharge (for each option) and a running total (that changes as they change options.)
When they are satisfied with the selections, they’d clck a “But Now” button next to the type of license they prefer (classic or subscription) and they’re taken the the order form which is filled out for them.

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A hint of understanding,wow quick reed seems to be 10% reduction on
what is a new pricing ,per year, that is even cheeper for commercial
USERS .,I have myself been considering the yearly sub. and looking
to prepare work with MAKE then if allowed buy 1year licence and publish,
,tho not really my way of doing things, I should research how many MAKE
and PRO users there are , point is to monitorize SU half the MAKE users
might spend $60 mostly for commercial rights ,if they EARN and dont upgrade the,re cheeting themselves or make it part of the licence relavent to related
earnings OH SU is very interactive I SPENT hours with BLENDER all summed up by a request I SAW does anyone no how to use it ,the hammer u no ,
plus dont have much reason 62 and used by the money GAME there are no winners I AM AN intense designer and medium to the future lets moderise this archaic monitoy world for the next generation I NO HOW Jon still trying,

Jon, I’m still trying… to understand what the heck you are talking about. What does 62 have to do with anything?

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From the way it reads, he is using SketchUp Make for commercial purposes already.

62 years struggling and ready to give up ,want no commercil rewards for any
subsequent work ,just referencing, having spent years drafting designs trying
to find responsable industry that will forward the ideas an answer to my situation
regarding youtube publication would be more useful use of natter Jon