Windows in SketchUp

Hi guys,

I started using sketchup a few weeks ago. I am now facing a problem. I am actually working on a simple building but it has over 30 windows. The first five were quite fast to do, i was following some instructions of a youtube video:
I am not importing windows from the warehouse, i am doing simple ones using the technique in the video above. ( I select the surface, i draw a rectangle, i use the push/pull button to erase the window surface. I then add another rectangle and use glass as its material). However, I am not able anymore to do this. In fact, the push/pull button i used to erase the window surface is now displaying: “on face outside active” instead of " on face" and this does not allow me to erase the surface in order to have a hole in the wall where i can pu my window.
I hope you guys can help me.


This sounds like you have created groups or components, and the place you are trying to place a window is inside one of them that is not open for edit.

… double click groups or components to enter their edit context.