Windows / Walls problems

Hello. I’m new user of SketchUp 2019. Often I have problem with “windows”. When I draw 4 lines like windows, and then I want to push i cant do hole in wall. Any ideas? What I do wrong?

My video of problem:

How about uploading your SketchUp file so we can see exactly what you’ve modeled so far?

Three common problems for new users are, one, they don’t know when to quit extruding and don’t click on the opposite face, two they grouped the walls and haven’t opened the group for editing before adding the window or three, they don’t have the inside and outside faces parallel to each other.

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Dave is right you should upload the model. But my guess would be that you’ve grouped the walls, and didn’t put your “window” inside the group you wanted it to cut through.

Use the Rectangle tool instead - that will help to keep the edges all ‘in plane’.

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