Learning SketchUp - Cannot figure out how to remove windows I've created


I have Sketchup Pro 2016 and am watching the tutorial videos purchased extra so i can learn how to use this design program. The tutorial videos purchased separately are for the 2015 model of Sketchup.

On the video(specifically, “Creating Doors and Openings” it says to use the push/pull tool to “push out” the rectangle I recently created for a window.

When doing this on the video, the window is immediately cut out. When I try this in Sketchup 2016 nothing happens.

How can i remove windows/doors/openings in my models in Sketchup 2016.



How about uploading the model as you have it now so we can see what you’ve done. We can give you a definitive answer that way.

Typically when people say that Push/Pull isn’t creating an opening, it is because they have grouped the faces and are working outside the group.

It does sound odd if literally nothing is happening. Using Push/pull should move the selected face forwards and backwards. If you push the face through the wall to its back face, it will disappear, creating the opening.

It can sometimes be a little hard to know that you have reached the back face. Usually, you get a fuzzy pattern caused by what is known as z-fighting which tells you to stop. But I find it doesn’t always happen reliably. If you get it wrong, you will either end up with a recessed section of wall or a 5 sided “box” hanging out of the back of the wall (depending on whether you have not gone far enough or have gone too far). In such cases, you really need to be able to see at least an edge of the back face of the wall and select that as the place to stop the push/pulling.