Windows Defender + Sketchup + NAS = Corrupted Files

Happens on Windows 10 and 11.

A friend of mine has an Asustor NAS where his Sketchup files are stored.

The project file is loaded in the software, the user can edit and save normally ONCE.

The second time the file is saved (same session, overwritten), a “Failed to save file” message appears. The result is a corrupted file with roughly half of its original size.

If the user choses the Save As option and names the file differently, the software saves normally.

Nothing changes if the SKP extension, the process or the Sketchup folder is added to the ignore list of Defender.

Once Defender real time protection is disabled, the file is saved normally. If another antivirus is installed, the saving process is normal.

If the user saves the file locally, everything works fine.

Other softwares are saving normally.

It’s just a Sketchup thing when the file is on the NAS with Defender being active.

Many people have experienced issues with corrupt files when saving to external/removable drive. The official suggestion has always (or at least as long as I remember) to save files locally and move them/back them up after you close SketchUp.

I knew about MacOS and Windows users having issues with external file hosting, but you should work with M$ as it’s (in this case) Defender that makes things difficult.
Or change the inner workings of how Sketchup saves - more and more users are working with the cloud :upside_down_face:

Thanks for your help, Aaron!

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