Problem saving - solved (AV false positive)

Hi. Had a problem saving files - think I’ve solved it, and thought I’d report it here. The problem started when saving from Sketchup Make 2016 in Windows 10 32-bit. Whilst working on the first drawing, I had a warning that some ransomware was trying to change files - in this case, a .skp file. Turns out that my virus checker - BitDefender 2017 - was wrongly (I hope!) identifying what Sketchup was trying to do in autosave as if it was a piece of ransomware. After that, saving files didn’t work unless I was saving to the default ‘users\Mark’ folder. It appeared to save OK if I was saving elsewhere, although Windows asked for administrator permission, but didn’t actually save the file. Eventually, I checked in the BitDefender log, found the ‘ransomware’ alert, and told it that Sketchup was an OK piece of software, After that, saving appears to be OK. I’ve also alerted BitDefender about this. And I hope it’s not a real piece of ransomware!


downloading SketchUp from official sources only typically avoids getting something unwanted to your system.

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