Windows 64 bit download link changes to DMG

When I hover over the download button it’s pointing to But it’s downloading the .dmg version for Mac OSX…

You’re right. Looks like someone screwed up a link.



OK, it’s fixed. But if you were signed in as I was, I still get the .dmg for download. On a new incognito window, signing in got me the .exe

@taboggs or @DaveR , can you try again and see what you get?

Signed in and I still get the .dmg file.

I cleared my cache and now it’s directing me to the exe. Thank you, Barry and Dave!

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So you know, it wasn’t a cache issue. While doing some sort of important update to the site today, some links got messed up. They are fixed now. And worth trying.

Correct, but if someone, like @DaveR had tried once, was still logged in, his browser page cache would still try to give him the dmg. Clearing that browser cache for that page or clearing sign in would give you the new page and hence the new download.

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