Window/door trim

New to this forum. I’m from Sweden so I’m not really sure about all terms, but here we go.
I make house drawings at my work to customers. I try to use as many dynamic components as possible (like windows and doors) to save time. But I also want to have window trims (the wooden frame around the windows) as a dynamic component. This component will also include the wood thats goes from the window and out to the trim since the windows is mounted 50mm inside the outer wall. The thing is that I want the dynamic components width and height to be the same as the window size.

When I try to make a dynamic component it automatically want to control the outer dimensions of the component. But I want to control the inner piece. The outer dimension of the inner piece so that it will be the same size as the windows.

Look at the picture below.

Can someone give me a hand? Or tell me how. Haven’t found any youtube guides either for this type of component.


in the top-level component define custom attributes - define the opening width and height, and the trim width. then compute the trim sizes and positions using those custom attributes and ignore the lex leny lenz values.

Not sure how you mean. I will call the wide frame the “deep part” and the other part that I want to resize for the “deep part”.

What have I done wrong in the picture below? Kinda new to components too, so I don’t know if I have to link the components somehow? As you see I have made all 4 sides of both the “wide part” and the “deep part” as their own components (left,right, bottom and top). Also as a whole component, and also the whole thing as a component.


the idea is to use the inside measurement (the window for example + any reveal) you want, then calculate the positions of the frame members to those rather than the outside dimension. in the example, if you make the trim width smaller or larger, the opening stays the same size - one caveat is that since my simple frame here has the axis set on the 0 xz mark, it “moves” as trim width changes. to keep the window relatively positioned, you’d set the xz axis to the inside corner of the unit…

example window frame size for inside measure.skp (99.0 KB)

or a more fancy version. with the show flat for using it around doors. in thise case, took a simple moldng profile and used it to create a 3-piece member (2 tips and span) so the member can have mitre joins. axis location is inside lower left corner to preserve placement when changing molding width.

trim_window_molding.skp (32.6 KB)

Think I’m to novice to accomplish this :confused:
You seem to be very good at making dynamic components! Would you have time and opportunity to make this component for me?
Not sure how you make these custom attributes…

you could use either of the 2 components i attached to my responses :slight_smile: then let me know if you need some help on something more complex.

I would really like to have it as i posted earlier :confused: I have spent almost whole day but still don’t manage to get it right^^ So I want it as the picture I first posted. You would be an angel if you had opportunity to help med :slight_smile:

hey Jonathan,
can you please remove the span link to photos sharing


Sorry about that. I erased that link. Sorry!

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