Window decal disappearing when rendering

I am attempting to add a window decal in the model and while I try to render it with VRay, it disappears. Anyone have any advice they can provide?

So I got it to show, for some reason, it doesn’t like when you place things directly on the glass. But now I get this effect if I slightly hover it off the glass. Moving it further out doesn’t do much better.

The image I am importing is a PNG if that helps with troubleshooting.

Is it an image, texture, 3D Text or a V-Ray Decal object?

I imported it as an image, then exploded it to make it a texture. I’ve tried several different threads on VRay’s forums too. Diffusing, changing bumps, turning of cast shadows and receiving shadows, etc… It almost looks like it’s got thickness like refraction in glass, but I’ve turned all that off too.

The image may be PNG, but have you checked that the text is on a 100% transparent background?


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I know nothing about VRay but I would use 3D Text editor for the text, intersect it with inner surface of the glass pane so text will appear etched on the glass from inside, give it correct color and delete the rest of 3D text.