Will there be a Layout viewer app?


Hi, I am please, so far, with SU viewer app ( iPad in my case ). But there or will there become an App for using with layout.


Since LayOut easily produces *.pdf files, you can use any pdf reader on your ipad. Are there particular features you’d like to have access to in a more specialized viewer app for LayOut docuents?


Show and hidding elements like text.


It would be great to have a LayOut app so we can take measurements if needed. Once the drawing is exported into pdf you can not take any measurements.


I think for now it is better to use the scenes you make in SketchUp and use the 3D model. Unless they would implement creating scenes in LayOut, which is also a prefered workflow for some


If you place your text on a separate layer in Layout you can export a pdf with layers that can be turned on/off in the pdf viewer application. This is currently only available on the Windows version and it’s a feature I really hope makes it to the Mac version. I would love if someone could advise how a pdf with layers can be created on the Mac version of Layout??


@LiamMorrisseyStudio. me too


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