View Layout documents in Sketchup Viewer is this possible?


I have come to the end of my trial period on Sketchup Pro and while I had generated a PDF file of a layout document, I had made some updates to it but before being able to re-PDF the document the trial ran out.

Is there any way I can just read the document or save as a pdf without having to go into Layout or buy a Pro license?

I downloaded Sketchup viewer but I cannot seem to view the layout documents through it. Is there another way or can the viewer show the document?



The SketchUp viewer only opens SketchUp files. I don’t believe there are any viewers for LayOut files.

At this stage I think you’d need to either buy the pro license or you’ll need to find someone with a pro license to generate the PDF for you.

Thanks DaveR,

I guess I’m on the lookout for a kind sole who might be able to do a quick pdf of my file!


You could send it to me via PM and I’ll do it.


Scratch that, I’ve found out how!

Many thanks


acg83, how did you do it. I am looking for a viewer for the shop to open layout. We do not use uncontrolled docs (pdf) in the shop, but I don’t the guys to have to worry about messing up the drawings.