File created in LayOut to print in SketchUp

I created a 2D file in layout (wiring diagram, so no need for 3D) using the free 30 day session of Pro. No issues with that. However I am now in the post 30 period , am using the ‘user’ license ( this is for my own use only , so I am using the correct license) and of course I can now only use Sketchup. I did not relise I could not even open my layout file in any way once the 30 day pro session had expired.
Is there any way to get the file open, even if in read only mode, with Sketchup?
And is there any way to make Sketchup run in only a 2d mode? I rarely, if ever, use 3D for anything.

The only way to open the LayOut file is with LayOut and of course that requires the pro license as you have found.

You can’t open the file in SketchUp, either.

As for drawing 2D in SketchUp, it can be done. Set the camera to Parallel Projection, set a standard view and avoid the Orbit tool. Although it can be done, if you don’t need 3D, using SketchUp for 2D is a bit like using a chainsaw to trim your fingernails. Way more tool than you need for the job. Why not just use a 2D application instead?

Sketchup uses terminology and methods I am familiar with from Quickcad ( which is no longer supported, nor works on Windows 10) . and for my needs I don’t want to keep trying other CAD programs- the learning curve for my limited use and needs make it not worthwhile.
Basically I do a drawing every 2 or 3 months at most, and have only needed 3 d once. So yes, I can do 3d, I just don’t need to. ( I have 2 3d printers, but I do repro work on them, so I scan and copy )

Thanks for the help, I will delete pro and layout , plus the files and redo them in sketchup.

Be real nice if there was a warning about the 'no access to file you create post 30 day trial ’ message in the trial versions though

Just for your information:

A LayOut file is a zip archive in disguise. By renaming the file with a .zip extension you can open it with any archive editor to take a look inside, but I am afraid that the things that you have drawn with LayOut tools directly on the LayOut page are in some kind of XML format that may not be easily decipherable. The linked SketchUp models and images are stored in a subfolder in their original format.