Changing saved files to .STL

Is there some way to change my SketchUp Layout files to STL?

From LayOut? No. Why would you want to do that from LayOut?

Good question DaveR. I am a newbie to 3D and really what I would like to do is to use Layout (which I am able to use to model a component) and then print with a 3D printer which only uses STL. I know that Layout is 2D. If I work in SketchUp, can the change be made?
Thanks for your reply.

I think you need to do a little more studying. LayOut is intended for creating documents which typically include views from the SketchUp model. There’s no facility for creating components in LayOut nor any option to create 3D anything.

You should use SketchUp to create your 3D model and then, when it’s ready you can use one of the STL exporters from the Extension Warehouse to create the file you need for 3D printing.

Since LayOut wouldn’t really come into play for this, I’m going to move your thread out of the LayOut forum and into the SketchUp forum.

Thank you Dave. You are right. I will do more reading and more practice with SketchUp.

… and I’m moving it into the 3D Printing sub-forum.

Hi Dan,I realize now that the question was meaningless. I am new to 3D and I asked a foolish question. I would appreciate it if you would just delete the thread.
I have been doing some reading and trial sketches and I have learned how to create a 3D file and to export it as an STL file.
I appreciate your taking time with my thread.SincerelyBill

No problem, Bill.

(I cannot delete an entire thread. It’ll have to remain to help any others in the future who have similar questions.)

The only foolish question is the one not asked, … and only a fool would be so arrogant to never ask for help when they need it. (I’m sure ol’ Ben Franklin would have said something like this.)

Pretty sure Ben Franklin was a 3D printing enthusiast, as well…


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