LayOut for iPad Finding a Tutorial

Trying to move into LayOut but I’m working on an iPad. I’m struggling to find a tutorial with the mobile application. Would anyone kindly point me in the right direction or, if it’s the case, advise if LayOut is not available for an iPad?

LayOut is not available for iPad so there won’t be any tutorials for that.

Thanks for the, as ever, speedy reply.

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If I might add a quick query, will I be able to open my account of SU on my MacBook and access Layout that way?

If you have a Pro subscription as your profile indicates you can install SketchUp 2023 on your MacBook and then have LayOut available. You can send your .skp files from the iPad to your MacBook so you can work with them in SU and LO there. Publish your files to your Trimble Connect stirage so you can open them in SU on your MacBook, too.

Again Dave : many thanks for your very creditable and timely help.


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