Layout in iPad

I have a 2022 SU yearly subscription and I just got an iPod. I have SU on my iPod and I can open Su files.
My question is, how can I open Layout files?
Thank you.

iPod or iPad? They are different.

You need SketchUp Pro installed on a Mac or Windows machine. There is no web-based or iPad version of LayOut.

Please update your forum profile. It shows you are using SketchUp 2020. Also please include the graphics card. “Architecture” doesn’t identify a graphics card.

Thank you DaveR!!
I just updated my profile. I thought I did it before. Sorry.
I have SketchUp on my iPod, I can open my SU files on the iPod, what I don’t know is how to open Layout.
Thank you.

You can’t open LayOut files on an iPod. You need a desktop version of SketchUp Pro to open them in LayOut. That will require a Mac or Windows computer.

I’m almost certain it’s not an iPod, but an iPad.
The iPod is like smartphone, almost fits in the palm of your hand (the screen ~5-6 inches diagonally ),
and the iPad is a bigger one, tablet (the screen is~9-12 inches diagonally ).
How big is yours?

Yes I pad :grimacing:

Hi Dave,
I meant iPad, not iPod.

OK. The answer to yuor question is still as I wrote in my previous replies.

Thank you Dave. I didn’t know that we cannot open Layout on an iPad.
It is OK.