Updated Sketchup viewer

I’m an occasional user of the SU Viewer and just opened it to see it has had a dramatic facelift, possibly in line with the release of SU for iPad.

I had a little play with it and found video help by selecting the mortar board icon. However I was wondering if there is an on-line text version of help for this new viewer and if so could a knowledgeable person point me in right direction?

Many thanks.

Hello @Guido!
Indeed, the online help center documentation for the updated SketchUp for iPad app is available here: SketchUp for iPad | SketchUp Help

We still have a bit of work to do to more fully document both the Free, view-only mode, as well as the full-featured SketchUp for iPad app that is available to those with a paid subscription, but the information that is there now, will hopefully help to offer some additional info about the app.

Thanks for this.