Why is this allowed?

I cannot edit the app. I have a problem with this. When something is free, it is something that is shown to be true, with features that do not change the entire app, but here is one example of doing it the wrong way. When I have the free version, I cannot do anything. No matter how far you go, it makes absolutely zero sense because it is meant to be something you could use, not something required before you do the purchase. I can only hope it is a bug, and if not, then it is horrible game design.

Firstly Sketchup for Ipad is not free.
Secondly the rest of your post makes no sense.


What are you talking about?

I think they are possibly looking at SU viewer. It works a little like the app, rotating measuring etc all seem to be the same.

yeah, same.

I don’t have an ipad anymore, couldn’t try it all, from what I gather, the ipad app works as a viewer in a free version, then if you log in with a paid subscription, you get the whole shebang.

So I’m guessing this person is angry at SU because the SU app is limited to viewing only.

I could be way off.

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