SketchUp and iPad

I have SU annual subscription installed on my laptop and desktop.
I bought an iPod and want to know if I can have it there too even if it is just to see the drawings.

Thank you!!

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Do you mean an iPad? Have you downloaded the app onto your iPad?

The SketchUp app in the App Store does say it works on iPod touch, if you have iOS 15 or later. I don’t know for sure how old an iPod touch will work.

The viewer app is free on iPhone and iPod touch. One thing to watch out for, your forum email address is a gmail one, but your Pro subscription is your email. Make sure to be signed in with your yahoo email on the iPod, to then be able to see the models you make on desktop.

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Yes, iPad :grin:

Then you should be able to download either the SketchUp for iPad app or just the viewer from the AppStore and log into those using the trimble account you use for your desktop version (your yahoo email according to Colin in the post above).

Although I kind of want to see/use SketchUp on an iPod now… feels like a challenge :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!!!

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Do we pay for the SketchUp for iPad?


It is included in your SketchUp Pro subscription.

Your forum profile says you are still using SketchUp 2020. Is that right?

I am using SketchUp Pro 2022

As I mentioned earlier, if you sign into the iPad using your Yahoo email, then you will get the editing features ok. If you signed in with gmail, that would then look like a Free account, because Pro is assigned to your Yahoo email.

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Please correct your forum profile. It’s out of date.

I tried downloading SU Viewer for iPod, which has all the commands. I hope I didn’t download the pay one :grimacing:

There is only one version of the app. On iPod it’s free for everyone to use. If you downloaded it to an iPad it still would be the same single app, but if you are signed in with an email that doesn’t have a subscription, you only see the viewer features. If you are signed in with an email that has a subscription, like your Yahoo email does, then you would see the editing features.

It used to be that the viewer app had an optional $10 per year subscription with Apple, to be able to use the AR feature. These days AR works without that old subscription.

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Thank you colin!!!