Will 3d warehouse work better with Yosemite?

I have updated my classroom mac laptops to Yosemite. I was having problems accessing 3d warehouse on some of the laptops before when running 10.6.8. Could this have been the problem? Will the warehouse come through with the updates I have in place now? I can’t access the laptops right now and I want an idea before classes resume, if anyone knows. Thanks!

Hello @teacher I am sorry to hear you were having difficulties accessing 3D Warehouse in the past. I am unaware of any previous versions having difficulties accessing 3D Warehouse. I have Yosemite and 10.10.1 and I am able to go to 3D warehouse through this URL just fine: 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com Perhaps when you get back to your classroom you can check to see if you can access it. I am not aware of any issues accessing 3D Warehouse from Yosemite.

3D Warehouse runs through a browser, so perhaps the internet connection, cache, or cookies may be the problem. I am using a Chrome browser and it works just fine, but it should work on any browser. In the future, please file any 3D Warehouse concerns under “3D Warehouse” rather than “SketchUp”. It helps us keep things a bit tidier.

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How would I take care of the cache and/or cookies problem on a mac?

Hello @teacher ,

Have you tested Yosemite and tried to access 3D Warehouse yet? I recommend that this should be your first step. Let me know once you have done this and if the problem still occurs we can troubleshoot from there.

Click here for a how to on clearing your cache/cookies on your browser.


Thanks. I will look into it. I have checked the laptops and warehouse does come up with Yosemite. However, with some of the laptops you can only access warehouse through sketchup.com, not thru the program. Does that narrow down the possible cause?

Interesting that different machines in the same lab with same OS version have issues. Newer Mac OS X versions also do some application caching, and you can also clear these files. Are you familiar with Terminal? If not, here’s how to clear the application cached things for SketchUp 2015:

  1. Quit SketchUp if it’s running.
  2. In Finder, type cmd-shift-g
  3. In the go to folder text box, paste: ~/Library/Caches and hit enter.
  4. Delete the directory “com.sketchup.SketchUp.2015”
  5. Type cmd-shift-g
  6. In the go to folder text box, paste: ~/Library/Saved Application State and hit enter.
  7. Delete the directory “com.sketchup.SketchUp.2015.savedState”
  8. Relaunch SketchUp, and see if anything has changed.


We have Sketchup 8. How would your directions change?

8 on Yosemite? You should upgrade. Schools get grants to run Pro as well - see http://www.sketchup.com/education/grants/k-12.

Back to your question: the directory names change for SketchUp 8 in steps 4 & 7:

  • Delete the directory “com.google.sketchuppro8” or “com.google.sketchupfree8”

  • Delete the directory “com.google.sketchuppro8.savedState” or “com.google.sketchupfree8.savedState”

I didn’t find the “saved state”. Any idea why? And if this doesn’t work what would you recommend?