Wierd line


I am new on sketchup and I have this wierd line appeared.

Could you help me on this please?

Move the model near origin (0,0,0). Or if you have any element very far from the origin, move it or delete it.

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you can also switch to perspective and then back to parallel (or the opposite), it tends to “refresh” some visual aberrations.

and zoom out. I see this stuff when I try to correct a model where two point are almost on the same spot - but not quite - and I have to zoom in like a madman.

Could be an AXIS line. Blue is usually vertical Z axis, but being a new user it may have gotten changed somehow.
Got “View/Axes” and turn off the axis lines.

Can you attach the model that shows the problem? Then we can look more exactly instead of guessing.

pretty sure the “weird lines” are the zigzag ones.

the blue one is blue because it’s selected

Could be. I thought the zigzag looked orderly as if the user had drawn it.
Who knows? The suspense drags onward.

from zooming too much.

It seems you’re right !

I used perspective mode and i discover that some point were not on the same sport. It wasn’t possible to spot it on parallel mode.

Thank you !