Crooked lines

For some reason I can’t draw a straight line in one particular spot on my model. I erase it, try again, and I still get this funny crooked line. What is happening here? I’m starting to get frustrated enough to use bad language.

Sorry, your link doesn’t work for me - YouTube opens with a black screen showing only an exclamation mark, and no ‘Play’ button.

Can you check it from your end?

I think your cursor might be sticking to another endpoint. Try using the arrow keys to toggle which axis the line is being drawn on. Or you can make a group to isolate the geometry.

Another possibility is that you’re using the freehand tool instead of the line tool.

I think you maybe using the “freehand” tool and not the “line” tool?
You need to use the pencil icon not the wiggly line

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You’d have to be a robot to make straight lines with the freehand tool.

No, I was not using the freehand tool.

I did manage to solve my problem by moving the entire model over a few centimeters. I have no idea why that fixed it, but it did.

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Is the line in question extremely far from the origin? Sometimes that causes it to look like a funny crooked line.

It definitely more than looked like a crooked line. It was a crooked line, making it impossible to close a face I needed closing.

Something like this?


That looks awful.

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using the “quake” plugin?


Quick question. Are you drawing something very small?

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I’m glad you figured it out! Congrats. :star2::tada::sparkles:

Its about 20 cm across.

I am guessing that you are seeing a snapping/rounding issue. If you can post the file, we can let you know, for certain.