Why won't sketchup export my style settings to 2D graphic

I have created a style with halo and extension settings and they don’t appear in the exported 2D graphic. Super frustrating! Any help is much appreciated!

It would help if you share the SketchUp file with the style so we can see what you’ve got. Otherwise it’s anyone’s guess.

TEST.skp (568.1 KB)

MAERSK.style (270.7 KB)
Thanks for responding. I have uploaded a sketchup model file, sketchup style, and a jpeg showing the results of a 2D graphic export from the model. as you can see the jpeg does not show the extensions or halo settings as shown in the model file.

here’s a screen shot of what the model looks like. When you compare with the jpeg you can see that the extensions and halo settings do not appear the same.

How large is yur exported image? Export size will have an effect on the appearance of the style.

This is what I see on opening your model file.

And the exported PNG.

To really get halo to work you need more geometry.

Here’s an example using your style with a more involved model. Might be a bit challenging to use effectively.

Extensions to 10:

Here’s a comparison. Same style but different export sizes.

Interesting. I don’t think it has to do with quantity of geometries or complexity. The actual model I am working with is much larger and more complicated but this small file still illustrates the problem. I am exporting at 4000x1920 with Line scale multiplier: 1 (not sure what that settings is). I have set the extensions and halo both to 90 and the exported jpeg doesn’t change. Is there an export setting that I’m missing?
Here is an image with exported jpeg on left and screen shot on right. You can see that the extensions are not the same.

As I told you and demonstrated, export size affects the style.

Again. Extensions set to 30 this time.
Screen size:

4000 pixels wide:

As you told me… lol. Yes I see now that when I export at lower resolution the jpeg appears closer to what I see on in the model file. That’s unfortunate as it introduces a disconnect between the style appearance in the model and the exported jpeg and forces one to start experimenting with different size files. Anyway I really appreciate your help with this - I would not have solved it without your assistance.

Your screen resolution is what it is. Just a thing you have to deal with.

FWIW I sometimes leverage this with multiple exports at different sizes which get combined later in post.

Here’s a quick example using your style.