Why won't anything in this model take paint?

Pipes with Elbow.skp (3.5 MB)

Change to Shaded with Textures style. Now it’s Monochrome.
And also orient the faces correctly, white outwards.



Thank you, that was the problem. I’m left to wondering how I switched the Style. The monochrome button is nowhere near anything I was working with. Not at all sure how I could have clicked on it accidently. I never have, and never will model in monochrome.

Monochrome, or an untextured model, is the best way to model, it allows you to see errors and fix them as you go. Materials/Textures can hide a multitude of sins.
The first thing I do when checking someone else’s model is change to Monochrome.


Something I never thought of. I will try that from now on. The reason I avoided monochrome is my early experience with Autocad, when all you had was wire frame, and parallel projection. If your entities weren’t different colors, your life wasn’t worth much.