3d warehouse models downloaded have no color

When I download models from the 3D warehouse they are loading with no color. What should I do?

Check the View menu, Face Style to see if it is set to Monochrome.


That wasn’t it

What models are you referring to? Maybe they were published with no materials.

I am referring to models (plants) from the 3d warehouse. I download them and they are all dark. Oddly enough it even happens with models (plants) I have already downloaded on my computer in a file. Please advise

Upload an example.skp file that shows this.

As Dave says, post a model.
It might be an issue with your style, or, when importing, SketchUp might show geometry that the original model author had meant to stay hidden, like the edges of a zillion leaf components.

Check that you are running the latest maintenance release of SketchUp.

Sounds like overwhelmed by edges.
Turn off Profiles in the Edge settings, and edges and hidden edges as well if necessary.

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