Monochrome / jpeg Image Opaque Question

I want to change my model to Monochrome, but it seems like my jpeg images become while solid shapes too.
My images goes away to white, but I want it to stay, while the model goes to Monochrome.
I did try messing with Tags, but it’s not working.
“Color by Tag” makes it all Monochromatic.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Thanks you

“Monochrome” mode does not display textures, but the model is displayed using the default Front and Back colours of the current style. The name is perhaps not quite fitting.

An Anssi suggests, Monochrome is the use of monochrome textures, and isn’t the use of full color textures then converted to grayscale.

If you have a need to show a grayscale picture of your model scene, export it as color, and use a bitmap editor to make the grayscale version.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

If an imported image retains it’s ‘Image’ identity it will remain visible when the rest of the model goes Monochrome. But once exploded or used as a texture it will go white.

Sorry for the delay,
thank you so much for this information!!!
So much to still learn!
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