Why will not P/P add 'thickness', to make a web



Win 10, SU Mke …

my 'obstacle’ds337_Blkhd.skp (105.2 KB)
in Upload …


Hello @gripwin,

This query is rather vague. I looked at your model and could not understand what is being requested exactly. We have been here before. On a recent post you were advised to frame your requests in a way that can be easily understood, using complete sentences and spelling words correctly to remove the guesswork that often accompanies your posts.

It is usually preferred to include the skp file, but it would be more helpful to discuss what you want to push-pull and what result is expected, as well as to explain what is meant by “to make Web”. You should describe the problem encountered and explain what you did to try to fix it.

I hope that you can get the answer you seek, but I don’t have a clue as to what you want.


I think he wants to pushpull the reversed ‘Web’ face to a thickness. It won’t.

Select all. Then deselect the grey face, and make the rest a component. That will isolate the ‘web’ face and allow you to pushpull it.


Press the Ctrl key while trying to push pull. Does that work?


Yes, it does, and on the original ungrouped drawing. I should have thought of that.


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