Why when I pushpull this surface the program crashes?!

something very weird is happening here…Why when I pushpull this surface the program crashes?
can you guys take a look? I portico flor.skp (3.1 MB)
uploaded the file, is not heavy, is very simple…thats why is it so strange.

If SU is crashing, something is wrong with you installation or the computer.
There are a lot of reversed faces and stray lines. There the area you want to PP is a tad bit narrow.
Also do not apply textures until you are done, they are hiding your mistakes!

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why there are reversed faces ? why do they exist? its so annoying having to reverse them all the time…

Like a piece of paper, a SketchUp face has a front side and a back side. The intent is that front sides face outward to open air, and back sides face toward the interior of an object where there would be material in a real object. Orienting them the wrong way can cause problems with renderers, exporting for 3D printing, and other things.

I see, thanks. Are there any tips or plugins that avoid us having trouble with it?

No easy way. With no textures, you can see the back faces and correct them as they occur. You really should go to the Learning Center and spend time learning the basics. Also another great source is The SketchUp You Tube Channel. Also by the SketchUp Team.

The best advice is to use monochrome style while building or editing your model so that reversed faces are evident. Many of us assign a garish back side color so that they stand out. Don’t add materials until you are preparing for presentation, as back faces can also be painted, obscuring their orientation.

There are extensions that can detect and fix reversed faces. They are pretty effective but there are some situations they can’t resolve.

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