Why the edges are rough



I have made an artwork in illustrator and exported as autocad file. Import into sketchup i get this rough edges


Importing to sketchup i get this rough edges. Below edge is sharp compare to the top edge.

May i know the reason why i dont get the smooth result as seen in illustrator any help or suggestion.

(ra.svg) file you can open in illustrator also

ra.zip (1.3 KB)


SketchUp doesn’t have true curves, it always represents them using a series of straight edges. You can increase the number/ decrease the length when you draw a curve. The default is 24 for circles or 12 for arcs. You might try increasing the default before importing. If the object is small that might lead to issues with small edges.


as mention in my question the below arc or shape is to smooth as compare to the above arc or shape. How can i import similar without editing in sketchup which format support the best


I got this after converting the JPG in your post to a BMP and using @jimhami42’s BMP Tracer to convert it to geometry. I would be better if you’d uploaded a higher res image.

What size was the CAD file after you imported it into SketchUp?

How about completing your profile with SketchUp version and graphics card? That information is useful in helping you. And surely your computer has a graphics card of some sort. You have a monitor hooked up to it, don’t you?


The lower shape is dimensionally smaller than the upper shape. If both shapes are represented by the same number of straight-line edge segments (such as 24), the smaller shape will tend to look better.


SketchUp is not very good at converting imported bezier curves and the like. The usual workaround is to first add enough anchor points and then to straighten the segments in Illustrator before exporting to DWG/DXF. This gives you more control of the result.


You can try to optimze the imported rough outline with Fredos Curvizard plugin.


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