Why PDF quality is so different from image/video, and how to achive PDF quality for image/video

Dear All,

I’m trying to find a solution for high quality image/video export.
But, unfortunately, it is not so smooth and clear.

As a perfect example of high quality export is PDF format file

I’ve attached for comparison export from the same scene for JPG and PDF format.

Problem is, that in video animation quality is the same as in image file. But I would like to have a quality from PDF file.

I’ve tried all possible (found in this forum) ways to improve the quality usin all possible settings in SketchUp.

Question: How to achive image/video quality as in PDF file (exported by SketchUP)?

Thank you.

Test video.pdf (12.8 KB) Test video.skp (30.6 KB)

PDF exports from SketchUp are vector graphic. The lines are defined by coordinates and are crisp clear regardless of how much you zoom. Images and videos are raster graphics, made up of pixels, and will always be slightly blurry. You can try increasing the resolution though.

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