Is This Quality Possible


Hello, i have been playing with SketchUp for the last few months.

I’ve been following a lot of tutorials on YouTube.

One thing that i noticed is that the quality of the actual model output and animation tends to be very low.

I read somewhere that you can turn the quality up but it greatly slows down the process and makes you files much larger.

Is it possible to turn this quality on at the end, or does it need to be turned on for each object when you are creating / drawing it?

Is it possible to create a smooth animation with smooth edges, similar to this -



Hi Paul,

The video you referenced is only 720p HD
SketchUp Pro can export Mp4 video files at 30 frames/second 1080p Full HD

Features of Trimble SketchUp Pro 2014 — SketchUp Knowledge Center



I think the same recipe that is good for still images might also apply for videos: Export to a higher resolution than the final required output, and downsample the result in a good image or video editor.