Loss of quality when sending animation to Pinnacle Studio 15

I’ve been able to create a decent quality animation export in both AVI and MP4 formats, and I can watch them using different media players outside of Sketchup. When I import them into Pinnacle Studio 15, there is a dramatic loss of quality. I’ve done quit a bit of work in Pinnacle with various converted formats, and never had this problem. Is this something unique to Sketchup?

Try export only image set and make .AVI in Pinnacle or some other program.

I exported as image set and was able to load into Pinnacle as 1500+ jpg images, and then set the frame duration for a decent frame rate to create a “movie”.
Unfortunately, once again serious quality loss. Each frame has a soft blur and the result is even worse than the video export I tried in Pinnacle.
The AVI export file on my desktop looks every bit as good as when it was in Sketchup, I don’t get it.
Thanks anyway for the suggestion,