Why my 3d model becomes translucent when working in photo match view?!


When import a 3d model to match an image already in perspective (photo match) my 3d model can’t be texture ,… it appears only as translucent,… any comments in regards will be greatly appreciated.

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A Photo match scene has two copies of the photograph, one behind your model and one in front of it. Go to Window menu>Styles>Edit>Modeling settings and use the Foreground Photo slider to make it more transparent or uncheck the checkbox to hide it totally.


Why can't I see the style menu?

Can thank you enough!,… Great comment!,… it works!!!,…Blessings,…Sincerely, RC


Had exact same question, and your solution worked! Thanks


Yes. Thank you.

I had a tough time searching for this post until I used the search term “transparent”.

RC’s use of “translucent” was way more accurate.