Model visualization in photomatch

Hi, i’m using SU for the first time.
I need to execute a photomatch beetween a model (created in autocad) and a a photo, so I used “match new photo” command and find the right position of the model’s view.
Now, I’m not able to find the way to maintain this view and see the model with applied texture and shadow: with the original matched photo in the background the model visualization is only by lines, and not by shoadow and texture.
The only way to see textures and shadow seems to be moving the model’s view, but this view obvoiusly doesn’t match the photo.

Is there a way to keep the model’s view and the matched photo, but with the visualization of the textures and lighting?

In the uploaded photo you can see the model witouth textures


Yes. You will want to modify the Match Photo Foreground / Background settings in the Styles window.

I hope this helps

Oh… and this model was downloaded from the 3DWH