Why line doesn't appear after podium rendering

Hi All,

please share tips.
after rendering- the line of the cabinets doesnt shown.
in fact, i have push in the border. what can be wrong?
please assist.

Rendering applications don’t show edges. If you want them to show, export a hidden line image from SketchUp with the same camera position and overlay it on the image from the renderer.

Renderers are trying to create photo realistic images. Those edges are not realistic.

I used the overlay process here: https://flic.kr/p/KuSS19

An edge has no physical thickness, physically your cabinets are flat. To achieve the desired result, you could make your shape more detailed by creating a groove (a triangular cross section is enough), which will be shadowed in the rendering.

thks .

ask sketch up

thanks. i owe to your suggestion to get the desire effort.
what about in the case of render black cabinets . i cant export the line-work in white / light grey line.
the harder way is to draw one line piece by piece using PSD or illustrator but that would be too much hard work.
i was looking at an express way to get around with nice effect.

do you have any to share. thanks again.

here i attached my SKP file as well.

from this link:

Why not? You can set the Face Style to Hidden Line…
Screenshot - 9_15_2017 , 4_21_37 AM

…and the edge color to light gray but clicking on the square to the right of the Color drop down.
Screenshot - 9_15_2017 , 4_20_05 AM

Then make an image export and end up with something like this:

Thank you… that’s a great help Dave

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