Why is this not working?

Hi, I am working on designing a city scape and remodeling it. I am working on this one particular building and it is giving me grief trying to cooperate with it in becoming a solid model. Any Ideas?

Thank You!
File: help Pls!.skp (979.2 KB)

There are a few reasons why your model is not solid. I suggest you install solid inspector2 to check your models.
First of all there are nested groups in your overall group which prevents solidity. I didn’t bother to explode them and deal with a lot more issues so I cut them out of your group and pasted in place outside the group.
There are a lot of stray lines and reversed faces. Repair reversed faces are not necessary to make it solid but are important if you want to render or 3d print…
I also purged the model and moved some raw geometry back to untagged as that is where it should be.

help Pls! (SU 2017).skp (1,5 MB)

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Thank You!
I always Have trouble when it comes to reversed faces and i never know whow to fix them. Thank You again for the help!

Best is to learn how to create your models without the reversed faces in the first place. And if they do occur, fix them immediately. Also learn how to avoid creating internal faces. Don’t apply materials to the model until you know the geometry is correct. Edit the style to make the back faces more evident so you’ll fix them if they occur.

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So I have a question then, How would i begin on fixing them on a completed version of this model? I have been working on the second floor, Which i normally keep my prints singular floored, and it is giving me trouble with them. I have my model completed but the solid inspector I downloaded is not happy.
File: Finished Walk in clinic.skp (519.3 KB)

Never mind, I actually fixed it on my own!

So I have been continuing work on this project and this one hole will not fill. Any Ideas?

File:help.skp (302.7 KB)

You’ve got some bad geometry there including non-coplanar edges around the hole. Triangulating with fill in the faces.

Note, you have a lot of exposed blue back faces that need to be corrected before this is printable. Quit with the applying the white material color to the faces in the model. That only masks the problem. It doesn’t fix it.

If you model this thing correctly you won’t have any reversed faces nor will you have any non-coplanar edges so no holes.

I reworked you model. I started with the base thickness, added the outlines of the structures and pulled them up to height. At no time after making the base 3D were there any exposed back faces, no holes or internal faces either. I was working with your geometry and there are some places where I think the edges should be long continuous straight lines but they aren’t. Since I don’t know if they should be or not, I left them alone.
help solid.skp (73.2 KB)

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