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Hey Everyone,

I am having an issue with a current 3d model i would like to print.

When the item is put together with my dymo software the item misses come of the holes on the bottom of the sketch.

Could anyone see where the model is going wrong?


If you make the geometry into a group it does not report as a ‘Solid’ in Entity Info.
Therefore it’s unlikely to 3d-print without issues…

Some faces in the lower part are reversed - they need flipping over.

There are some internal edges [cut a section] which have 3 or 1 faces - every edge must have exactly 2 faces to be considered a manifold solid.

Also there are internal faces that need removing…

It's relatively easy to fix these issues... this is a solid version...


You might want to check out the Solid Inspector2 extension for your future 3D print models. It identifies and fixes issues like reversed faces and highlights areas where there are holes in your item. It saves a ton of time searching for problem spots!

For SketchUp 2014 and later:²

For versions before 2014:


I had these issues too a week or so ago.
Just because a model you have created ‘looks’ solid to you …the software dos not see it as a ‘solid item’

Solid has a specific meaning in relation to all these 3D stuff… it means more that what you might expect in standard english.

Stray lines or odd looking faces mean it is not ‘solid’

Best advice I had for that was set the model to 'MonoChrome" View in Face Style.
Turn off X-Ray (if you had it on)

Then look around the model, right clicking the odd side here and there and ‘Hide’ …then you can see inside and see random lines and faces.

the model inside has to be totally hollow, for the software to class it as a solid…if there is a Face or line blocking one hollow part from another it will not be ‘solid’ so the printer software ‘screws up’

Solid really seems to mean “continuously hollow”


Just tried playing with your model.

Also another ‘tool’ that you need to know about is ‘Intersect’

Triple click your model to select it all.
then right click when it all turns blue and go down to Intersect.

I use ‘with model’ but I guess with a Big big model , that will take a lot longer …and is unnecessary …as you are only beading with the bits you are ‘selected’

Unless you do this Intersect ’ then when you try and delete lines or faces…it will delete complete sections…or faces…not (f or instance0 just the hole within a circle that goes through a face.

Not sure if I explained that too well, give it a try and see


See the last picture …that flat upright face inside the model, visible because of the end Face is Hidden.
that flat upright makes the object ‘not solid’ so the printer tries to print a flat plate/surface upward son zero thickness


see if this helps, need to delete lots of the weird lines and re create flat 'clean surfaces inside

Also seems like lots of sides that have ‘hidden lines’ CLICKING ON ANY ONE OF THE SLOPED INTERNAL SIDES shows they are made up of triangles…

I have been playing with it…but still can’t get it to report solid


Did you remove the extra face?

That’ll help.


Just wondering, are all the internal ‘house shape’ meant to be the same size or are they all purposely different?

They all seem to have lots of different internal surfaces. as DaveR got me to do with mine…often easier to re draw from scratch… It took me about a week to build what Dave did in a few minutes …slowly getting th hang of it…but now the printer has gone and started ‘dying’

random error messages…MakerBot 2…piece of ■■■■…my mates cheap Chinese clone is far better


Here is my attempt …all the same size 'internal shapesCABLE TESTER DIFFUSER-0.skp (228.6 KB)


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