Why is there a giant rectangle all around my CAD when I import it in Sketchup?

I am a student in architecture and I have problems importing a CAD in my Sketchup Pro 2020. More precisely, when I import it, there is a big rectangle all around and when I try to zoom in my drawings disappears. Also, when I do the “Zoom extent”, I don’t even see my project because it is so far…

Can someone explain me how to delete the rectangle but keep the drawings?

The geometry is imported as a component. You’re seeing the bounding box of the component. Looks like the geometry in the CAD file is spread out over a large area.

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My guess too, you have some piece of your geometry way far away in the CAD file. If the bulk of what you want to have is in one area (likely near the origin), open the component for editing by double click and select the parts you want, then copy to clipboard. Then delete the component and paste in place the parts you want to keep.


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Thank you it worked !