Why is Thea Render freezing at 50% on batch render?

Hello all, I’m trying to render a few scenes using latest version of Thea Render with Sketchup Pro22. It gets to 50% on settings panel then doesn’t progress any further. The timer is still counting up and Ray Tracing is progressing but it never gets above 50% progress. This happens both when I batch render and when I render individual scene. Does any one have any ideas please of where I’m going wrong? Or if there’s a way of making the rending process quicker?

Are you registered on the Thea forum? You can always ask there for more dedicated help.

Eitherway more detailed information will be required about your render settings and hardware.

Can you provide the full text log from the Console tab?

Thanks for your reply. I left it for a few hours and it did eventually all render just very slowly and only marked 50% or 100% progress. Thanks for you help and suggestions. Much appreciated!

You could receive more suggestions if you did as @samnorth said and posted more details.

Thea render is an incredibly realistic render that demands high computation power. It is usually one of the fastest renderers of it’s kind but this kind of renderers is usually very accurate and slow…

Used right it’s unbelievable. Used wrong it’s really dull.

There are settings that make it faster, depending of the engine you use, but overall what makes it faster is your system. Knowing more details about both is key for getting help both here as well as Thea render forum.