Can SketchUp pro trial version do render (with Thea)?

I made a model with SketchUp web version.

For render, downloaded .skp file and opened with SketchUp Pro 2019 trial. Similarly, downloaded Thea (trial version, 2.1.909.1853) and extended in sketchUp. All doing well until “scenes” were sent to Thea render window for rendering.
Thea can’t load “scenes” from SketchUp.

Below notification in Console tab.

“Session folder: C:/ProgramData/Thea Render/Temp/Session_00000000
Optix: error getting compute capability list count.”

When did you download SketchUp? Is it Version 19.2 ?
You need version 19.1
Download here:
Choose 2019.1 version

Thanks Mike, The one I tried was version I will try with 19.1 and will revert.

Are you using the batch rendering window?

If this is set to run for maximum time, you may not need to check the optix noise reducer that can have memory issues depending on your system. I dont know what your scene is but 10 minutes cap on presto might be worth a test?