Rendering with thea

H! I’m trying to render a project by tuesday. I’m using thea. When I use the interactive rendering feature, my model is cut off in the preview and I’m not sure how to fix it. How do I render the entire model, walls, ceiling and all? Also, how do I export it where it’s not super dark and grainy? Please help!!!

If i sent my model to someone who is good at rendering, could you please try it out for me and let me know how it goes? Thank you:)

I don’t use Thea so I cannot give any direct suggestions. Post your model here if you’re willing to share publically, that would help whoever comes across your forum post.

  1. It seems as if there is a section plane active that causes Thea to only render what’s below the section plane.
  2. Is it not part of the preset settings that is currently selected, that it only renders below a certain planar height? (I note “Presto MC” as the pre-selected option.
  3. Render quality will be in the Thea settings. So unfortunately you’ll have to “click around” those settings to make it less grainy and have a quality export. I suspect the export method will be the usual SU File → Export → 2D graphic method, seeing as it’s rendered inside the SU window.

It is likely that using the trial version is limiting features.

It looks like Thea is using a section plane to cut your render.
For the exposure, treat the render like taking a photograph & adjust the exposure/iso speed/F-stop