Thea for SketchUp 1.5.9



We have just published a new release of Thea for SketchUp. It introduces the plugin’s User Interface & User Manual Translations in 8 Languages. Additionally, we have added Global Medium in the Environment tab with a new Fog Preset that allows control of fog density, base and top level. There is also a new Cloud material Preset for volumetric effects defined by a solid group/component. We have also prepared a blog article with two example scenes explaining the new fog functionality. Find more details and download links here.

I have attached below my own quick rendering of a very simple model found in 3d warehouse. I have been playing with the feature and produced it with a very little effort. It is interesting how the geometry gradually appears in a rendering when the fog is dense. I even prefer stopping the rendering before it completely clears to keep the noise still present. It looks more natural this way.


Is Thea integrated into SketchUp or do you have to export your 3D model out of the program to render it?

P.S. That first render is just wonderful! :thumbsup:


Yes, it is “very integrated”. :slight_smile:
Check from 0:24. It would be hard to integrate it more, unless Trimble would buy TheaSDK.


Nice. Quite impressed. I remember I tried Thea many many years ago, when I was choosing a renderer for myself but I settled on V-Ray in the end. I can’t remember what held me back from choosing Thea. I have trouble finding out whether the renderer is biased or unbiased, meaning - does it automatically stop rendering a scene like V-Ray or does it keep rendering infinitely until you stop it yourself?


Thea is both Biased and Unbiased. It has three types of rendering:

  • Biased - Adaptive(BSD) - works with walk-through animatons and very large renderings
  • CPU based - Unbiased (TR1/TR2/AMC) able to solve very hard models - like a laser lab.
  • CPU/GPU based - Presto (AO/MC) engine currently supporting Nvidia cards - used most often by users, because of the speed


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