Do I need Pro to use Thea?


I’m just starting out with Sketchup, and having used Make for a while now, I want to progress to the next level. I want to purchase the plugin Thea, because I think it’s renders look great, however at the moment I dont want to pay for that, and pay for Layout as well.
Do I need to have Pro before I can use Thea? And, does Thea also translate into Layout? (does Layout recognise the Thea renders, or keep the original SU image?


You can use Thea with SketchUp Make. The rendered image will not automatically translate to Layout, but with Make, you don’t have Layout? You can import rendered images in Layout if you switch to PRO later on.


Thanks @Cotty, I dont have Layout with Sketchup at the moment, but I do plan on upgrading to the Pro version, I just wanted to check if Thea renders are recognised in it. You mention that Thea renders can be imported in Layout - is that as a Sketchup file, or as a Jpeg?


It’s only a pixel image because all rendered images are pixel images.


One thing I have been waiting for is a renderer that could bake in the textures and shadows to the model. LightUp does something like that but I doubt if its renders will survive the transition from SketchUp to LayOut.