Problem to install Thea Render extension in SketchUp Pro 2020

hello, I had sketchup pro 2019 with thea for sketchup V2.1. Friday I installed sketchup pro 2020 without worries however I no longer have the thea render extension. I loaded and installed thea for skecthup V2.2 3 times since then but it doesn’t work. I don’t have the extensions tab in skatechup and I can’t find any trace of thea render in my mac apart from the old version 1.5 I had 2 years ago.
Thank you for your help because I absolutely do not understand and I have no response from thea render despite the emails sent …

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I do not like the way the Thea installer (it’s not only them, some other extensions using compiled installations also do this) works since you only have the options presented to you and am not afforded the opportunity to route / locate your SketchUp installation at all. This locks you into having active maintenance on those extensions, whilst it may not be wanted/needed apart from being able to re-install every time a new major release of SketchUp is available.

So now I have to keep old SketchUp installations to facilitate these extensions. For something like rendering it is probably not so much of an issue, but some other extensions may form part of your regular workflow, then it becomes an issue having to down-save the model, open in old version, perform action with extension, save, re-open in latest SketchUp version and carry on.

In Thea’s case, I opted not to renew my maintenance with it since it moved the licensing to subscription only and renewing maintenance would have meant my perpetual licence being converted to a subscription licence. Now I’m stuck (if / when I no longer can run / install a compatible SketchUp version) because of changed business policies.


So if i understand thea doesn’t work with sketchup 2020 yet?
in this case how can I reinstall sketchup pro 2019?

Did you uninstall 2019? Try to recover with Timemachine or install it, again (download older versions of SketchUp)
Do the installation of Thearender if necesary.

Try to do the oldfashioned way (works with Enscape and 3Dconnexion) by copying the contents of the plugin folder in the he lLbrary/Application Support/SketchUp/SketchUp 2019/ folder into the 2020

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Indeed I ended up understanding that there was not yet a Thea render update compatible with sketchup pro 2020. So I reinstalled the pro 2019 version and everything works.
Thank you!

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