Thea Render Install Issue

I downloaded Thea Render but am unable to load it into my extensions in sketchup. I have the stand alone Thea Render program working but I dont know how to have it working as an extension in Sketchup.

Any help would be awesome

Okay, then let us review what it’s Extension Warehouse product page says …

Thea Render comes not only integrated but also with its own standalone application (Studio) with various tools, material editor and advanced staging operations.

Find more info here:

From that page we can get to the downloads page …

The downloads page has a link at the bottom to download the English manual.
And links on the right sidebar for other downloads (such as the Sketchup bundle.)

One of which is …
which has more user manuals at the bottom of the page.

At the top of these pages is a menubar, one of which is “Support” that has links to a forum, blog and Knowledgebase.

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Oh and general information on installing and activating SketchUp extensions and their toolbars is in the online SketchUp User Guide …

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There are two installation files you need. One for Thea studio that it sounds like you have and one for the Sketchup>Thea plugin.

The plugin should come with an installer package from memory but if not you can paste the folders into your sketchup plugins folder. Just don’t mix up Thea Studio and the standalone plugin.

Thea 4 Sketchup recently comes with a bundled installer. It installs Thea Studio and T4Su plugin.

You dont need to install separately.

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Ahh good to know!

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